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The Illiad Music Library

Created in Los Angeles, California, feeling the pulse of the entertainment capital of the world, the Illiad Music Library emerges as one of the most cutting edge Music Libraries of its time.

Designed to enhance the viewing experience of your audience, the Illiad Music Library is immersed in the rich culture of the LA music scene, providing the most relevant up-to-date tracks for all media outlets. The Illiad Music Library features the latest music from every music genre created by multi platinum producers and artist. This library showcases a stable of talented writers and composers who boast the music industry’s top accolades. All music contained in our catalog is ‘easy clear’, ‘one-stop’, ‘all-in’ content ready for placement.

In order to stay relevant to the changes within each music genre, the artists and writers featured in our catalogue are currently releasing content, touring nationwide, and performing internationally. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to research today’s ad campaigns, upcoming films, television shows and movie/promo trailers in order to create high quality, relevant, original work for pitch directives.

We possess the ability to create custom music for any licensing platform at any of our four studio locations.  The Illiad Music Library is an exclusive small boutique library with no filler and great emphasis on each composition being well produced, with a high quality of work that ensures that each composition is specifically designed to support the project.

Synch Placement History

Film: I Can Save You – June 2020
Cowherd and Whitlock: Speak For Yourself – 2019
Ricky Smiley for Real – 2019
The Direction – 2019
 Ford Motor Company – 2019
The Movies That Made Us – Episode 2 – July 2019, August 2019
Film: Grieving – 2019
Nascar Race Hub – 2018
Youtube Spot On – 2018
Coach Snoop – 2018
Road to the Olympic Games (Canada) – 2018
Next VR Great plays in VR – 2018
Ford Web Spots – 2017
Playball Ep. 203 – 2017
60 Days In Ep. 306 – 2017
Bossip – 2017
Cowherd and Whitlock, Speak for Yourself P 57- 2017
Rickey Smiley – 2017
Real Husbands of Hollywood -2016
Spot On Catalog for APM Music -2016 (On going)
Production for Oovra Music -2016 (On going)
Wuthering High – 2015
Killer Women ABC Primetime – 2014
Totally T-Boz – 2013
Tina and Toya – 2010
Frankie and Neffe – 2013
Keisha and Daniel Family First
Real Husbands of Hollywood (RHOH) Season 3 2013, 2014
NCIS Los Angeles for CBS Network 2011, 2012
The Office NBC 2010
Burn Notice USA, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Extra NBC, 2008, 2009
Celebrity Justice, Warner Tele Picture, 2009
America’s Next Top Model UPN, 2008,2009
Brave New Voices HBO 2010, 2011
Shelf Life Monkey Kingdom Productions 2011
Crazedotcom Debute Album 2012
Burn Notice Soundtrack 2009
Franklin&Bash TNT – 2012
Criminal Minds, CBS – 2013
Adidas, Off The Court Campaign – 2013
How I met Your Mother, NBC – 2013
COCKTAILS, MTV Canada,/Much Music – 2012

Genre: EDM

Genre: POP


Genre: ROCK

Current Music Projects:

“Synch Licensing Music” for Hifi Production – 2017 (on going)
Spot On Catalog for APM Music -2016 (On going)
Production for Oovra Music -2016 (On going)
Producer, writer, and artist: Jarred Illiad Mind Split Album: Release Date – Fall 2015
Coors Light-2013
Dibs Auction-2013
Ed Hardy2013
Criminal Minds-2014
G4, Discovery, The CW, A&E, Man, Woman, Wild- 2011
Smash Cuts-2012
The Kennedy Detail (Emmy Nominated-2013
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, produced by Elijah Wood, Film Score– 2014
I Smile Back, Starring Sara Silverman, Film Score – 2014
How I met Your Mother, NBC – 2013
Composer Placements
The Council – 2013
Champs – 2015
Monster – 2012
UFC Undisputed 3 – 2012
Sling Shot – 2012
UFC Bad Blood: Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz – 2011
UFC Undisputed – 2010
UFC Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights

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